Yippee ... Friday has arrived and for most a relaxing weekend is ahead of you.
I also have this perfect shabby white french sideboard ready for someone to pick up
this weekend and add to their home. It is not easy to find good frenchy sideboards around here
that are also quality solid wood. This one is a MALCOLM piece.
 I finished it in a creamy white with plenty of rustic distressing.
I want that serious look of time worn use in a country home.

We had a bit of a date night last night and really enjoyed the time together and the relaxing.
So we will not be venturing too far from home this weekend and we will do a little more of that
relaxing time in between customer visits and tours.
If you want to stop by give us an email or a call.
driftwoodesign@shaw.ca or 604 790 3865
Have a great Weekend!



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  1. Very nice sideboard. I love how you paint so much stuff with white. I've tried using white and vintage white (CeCe Caldwell brand chalk paint) and have the most difficult time getting it to come out right. Every beautiful piece you post about keeps me inspired to keep at it and hopefully will find a way to make the whites work for me.

  2. I'm so in love with this piece! gorgeous, you do amazing pieces!

  3. That's stunning. I really love the pics