You hear the stories of ppl donating time or money to a good cause and the perception is they will get it back two fold. Pay it forward is what we call it these days, and this is my story of paying it forward and my perception of getting it back.

One day while out picking I came across a voucher in my
 wallet for money off at a popular clothing store. I had
 forgotten all about it and it was due to expire that day!!!
I didn't have the time to go shopping for clothes so I did the
next best thing. I found the store, waited a moment in the
 parking lot until the next customer approached, handed it
off to her, then I was off. At my very next stop I found this
beautiful French solid wood dresser. In these parts I can't
afford to buy a dresser like this they are just too expensive.
Well this one was priced low enough for me to get really
excited about and for me to afford. So I paid the man and got
it loaded in the van. I didn't put 2 and 2 together about the
free money I had just given away and the great deal I had just
found until later when I was happily painting away.
It made me smile.

I worked very thoughtfully to achieve an amazing color
 combination for the finished piece, but this photo shoot
 needed some very hard work. This piece was so big for my
little space most of the other furniture had to be moved out
of the room. I stacked 4 tables in front of the bathtub, the
hallway had less than a foot for me to shimmy down one side
when I had to get the camera, and the front door couldn't be
opened for the stack of furniture I piled there.

The color is ASCP Provence with a brown 4 layered color distressing on top.

For those wanting to learn more about how to achieve this look:


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