I bet a wrapping station would come in pretty handy this time of year
but I have never had one to be sure. I have however, made one!
A good friend had asked for one a while back and I eventually got all the pieces I needed
and started building. The base was a reclaimed radio cabinet for the 50's and the top portion
was a corner display cabinet with doors. 

I had to greatly alter the corner unit out of the picture and make it flat backed,
but the lower cabinet seemed to have so many spots that would work well for a wrapping station.
Rolls of paper on the left, bows in a drawer on the right.
A waste basket to catch the trimmings in the center.

The trickiest part was creating the paper roll holders, that would work. I used a jigsaw and a drill, a
knife and a chisel and pretty much anything else that help me make these rod slots.

If you decide to try your hand at making a wrapping station keep in mind the width you will need for
your wrapping paper rolls. Some can be pretty long so measure your rolls before you start.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the season.

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