When you are looking to buy a pair of
something second hand they can be fairly
expensive. Especially with nightstands,
ppl want pairs and the pricing guru in the
back of the thrift store knows it. Well
consider buying single nightstands at a
fraction of the cost and paired them 
together. The pricing guru also knows
single nightstands take much longer to sell.

If you look carefully at the details, the edges, and the curves of these nightstands you will see they are
 NOT identical. In fact they were bought at 2 different thrift stores 2 months apart at half the cost. I
made them look the same by drawing your eye away from the differences and focusing it on
similarities I created. The left one is 1" wider than the right but both came out the same height with
the addition of new legs from another second hand purchase.

The soft turquoise color, mixed from ASCP Florence and white was repeated over all 4 drawer faces.
The ornate embellishments are antique metal door knob plates that originally sat vertically. I antiqued
 around the plates with AS dark wax and a small brush.

A comprehensive tutorial on using dark wax can be found here:

I hope you have been inspired!

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