HOW TO BUILD A CONSOLE TABLE - using an ammo box


I'm re-sharing this post
with more building details
for others who want to re-
purpose their own ammo

I got my ammo box after GG couldn't resist bidding on it at 
an auction. Thank you honey ... now what am I going to do with this?

After a year passed and I thought about it long and
hard, I ended up combining it with a saw horse
into a 2 sided sofa table.

GG also picked up the sawhorse along his travels,
again Thank you honey ... but what am I gonna do
with this thing?

The ammo box was turned upside down and the top of the
 sawhorse was secured with screws and some wood bracing
 inside the underside.

I took the door / lid right off and used it as the bottom shelf 
between the legs.


I reused the door hinges to secure the shelf to the legs.
Of course there were only 2 hinges so they got installed at
the back so you could see them, and the front was screwed
 directly to the legs.

I left the original latch and rope handles to add 
to the rustic and original charm.

I used a light white wash so all the stamped labeling could
 still be seen throughout the piece. It is not shocking from a
 distance but can be read up close.

This re-purposed ammo box table is being
used as an entry table.

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