A bathroom vanity can be painted just like any other piece of furniture. Let me share some details how this cabinet was painted.

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WHY ...
do I love lining drawers with wallpaper?
For me there are two very good reasons. #1,  wallpaper has great durability for drawer bottoms #2 it is a wonderful surprise to see inside each time you open a drawer.

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I have been updating our front porch and I have added a potting bench to help organize my garden stuff and I also built some interesting planter boxes.

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SPRING PORCH - makeover progress

I'd like to share the work I've been doing on our front porch. Normally friends and family might get to see the results first but these days the only audience available to share with is on-line. #stayhome 

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FARMHOUSE GREY SIDE TABLES - coordinating the look

I want to share how I found 2 little dark brown tables, that were both different styles, and how I was able to change a few simple things on them so they could be a matching pair.

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On my birthday I spent some time being creative, coloring Easter eggs. I didn't go out and buy anything, I only used what I had on hand which was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

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SPRING DECOR WITH OUR BENCH - custom built storage

Spring is upon us and in a few short days it will be my birthday. I have taken some time this week to clean and fluff my decor. One piece of furniture that has not got the attention it deserves is a storage bench I custom designed and built using reclaimed furniture.

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WHY I USE CHALK PAINT - with 35 years of experience

One spring morning years ago we were running late after sleeping in. It was one of those Saturdays we enjoyed spending together. All morning we would drive around doing the yard sale thing.

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SPRING BEDSIDE CABINETS - shabby chic antique white

I have another project that I have been thinking about but can't quite nail down all the elements so instead of driving myself nuts I sat down and did some wood work I am more familiar with. I created two adorable small space cabinets.

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APPLE GREEN BENCH FOR SPRING - fairy tale story of a re-purposed crib

In a far away land, the baby crib was living happily with her family until their last child turned 2. The family's father moved her to a cold, corner of the garage, where little birds and mice would sneak in each night and run back and forth on her spindles leaving dirty foot prints all over.

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NEUTRAL WINTER DECORATING - progressing into spring

In the winter I like to pair things down. Stick to neutrals and try to keep things cleaner. It's the perfect back drop for all the colors coming in spring.

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HOW TO PAINT ANTIQUED DOORS - using annie sloan paints and wax

This is an advanced painting project that I did on some bi-fold doors using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with clear and dark wax. 

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BI-FOLD DOOR MAKEOVER - flat panel to farmhouse barn door Xs

Are you ready to jump thru the looking glass and see how these amazing antique farmhouse doors were created?

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The goal for these doors was to make them a statement piece for the entry way. They are builder grade hollow core bi-fold doors for a front closet. 
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RECYCLING THE JENNY LIND CRIB - annie sloan painted bench

I had the task of making two benches from one old baby crib. This is a look at how I built the first one and the paint finish I used.

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WELCOME TO 2020 - the past year part 3

PAINT TUTORIALS - In 2019 I set out to photograph several paint projects in great detail to share how they were done. With all those pictures I was able to put together 4 great in depth paint tutorials for others to enjoy.

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WELCOME TO 2020 - the past year part 2

REFURBISHED WOOD - In 2019 I had the honor to save some wonderful furniture pieces  and give them a new lease on life. Here are just 4 of the projects I got to enjoy this past year.
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WELCOME TO 2020 - the past year part 1

2020 is here and the weather is fine. Last January I said I was going to focus more on me and I am happy to report I did just that. Let me share 4 of the projects I got to enjoy early in 2019.
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