WHY ...
do I love lining drawers with wallpaper?
For me there are two very good reasons. #1,  wallpaper has great durability for drawer bottoms #2 it is a wonderful surprise to see inside each time you open a drawer.



WHO ... can use it?
Anyone with a pair of scissors and a desire to make their
drawers prettier. If you are painting a *new to you* piece of
furniture you can go the extra step to line the drawers.
Or while you organize your bedroom drawers
you also add liners to freshen them up.

The stripes of this wallpaper made it 
easy to keep straight lines while cutting
and pasting the pieces into these drawers.



WHERE ... to find it?
You can find wallpaper at many places including home
 improvement stores, at big box stores, and online retailers.
I also find lots of vintage wallpaper at second hand stores.
You can get great bargains on single rolls when that is all
you really need for a few sets of drawers.

These drawers were lined with wallpaper remnants.
Each were different but had the same colors & theme.


WHAT ... tools do I need?
There are not many things you need but a good sharp pair of scissors is best to cut the paper. I fold and cut each piece to fit the drawer EXACTLY before sticking it in. Sometimes you might feel like the fit is close and you can trim it after you glue it down but that usually goes wrong. I also use a hand held rubber squeegee to push bubbles out when laying the paper.

These drawers were lined with a pre-pasted vintage
wallpaper from the thrift store.
The glue is activated with warm tap water.



HOW ... to apply it?
Wallpaper can be glued inside drawers or simply cut to fit the bottom and laid in place. A lot of wallpaper is "pre-pasted" when you buy it, it will be labelled. Some are not "pre-pasted" and those ones need glue applied if you want to adhere it. On those occasions I like using Elmer's Glue Stick, it's simple, inexpensive and already in the house. The hardware store has buckets of wallpaper paste if you need to go that route.



WHEN ... should I line a drawer?
From ink to nail polish, wallpaper is perfect to cover stains in the bottom of drawers. You can also avoid these stains by add liners where you store nail polish. If you have an antique piece of furniture and the wood on the drawer bottom might be separating, a paper liner can stop small items from slipping through cracks. It is best to take drawers out and fully inspect and clean them before putting your wallpaper liners in. Wallpaper can also be used to line shelves and decorate the backs of cabinets. 

This Black and White Floral
wallpaper was found at a big box store.

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