HOW TO WET DISTRESS - distressing annie sloan chalk paint

Have you heard about wet
distressing but are a little 
confused about what it is or how it is done? 

Well you don't have to use sand paper anymore to give your
furniture project distressed and worn look. When you 
use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you can simply use a damp 
kitchen sponge.

Start by painting your project with your color choice of ASCP.
Once dry, grab a damp sponge and clean rag.

**2 sided sponge / scrubbies work best for this**
**just dampen your sponge do NOT have it dripping wet**


image 0 image 0 image 0
Working in small sections (like this leg) wipe your dried paint
 with the damp sponge.
The chalk paint is going to absorb the water and start to soften.

Now take the scrubby side and wiping over the same area.
Be gentle with this step, the softened areas will start to lift.

Take a rag and remove any excess paint haze and
dry the area you just worked.

You are ready to wax now.


You can also take this opportunity to clean your floor.

It's really simple to do, no scrubbing, sanding, or dust,
you are letting the water do most of the work for you.

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