SIGN MAKING FOR OUR KITCHEN - and hanging heavy wall items

Our kitchen sign was made using a portion of an old wood door that already had chipping paint. Once I knew I was using the word "KITCHEN" I measured how much space I had so I could calculate how big each letter could be. And then formulated a plan to make the letters I needed with supplies I already had in the house. 


corrugated cardboard
printer and paper
scissors & knife
glue (stick & hot)

I printed out each letter full size in black on a sheet of regular
 white paper and then cut them out. I glued each letter onto
 corrugated cardboard. I trimmed the cardboard away with
 my knife to create the thick and rigid letters shown in the
 above picture. I always start with a fresh new knife blade so
cutting goes smoothly.

It took me part of an afternoon to make all the letters and
 once they were all finished I laid them out on the door to get
 the spacing just right. I hot glued stripes of foam to the back
of each letter so they would make the letters pop out from the
door creating a natural shadow line. The final step was to
secure the letters in place with some hot glue.


I hang a lot of heavy stuff on the wall and when I do,
I either use "D" rings or a French cleats. Both make for a 
very safe and secure hold.

For "D" rings you need to locate where studs are in your wall
 and mount the "D" rings on the back of the heavy item at the
 point that would line up with the studs. Simply drive a screw
 into the wall stud to hang the "D" ring on.

French Cleats are a 2 part system that can be made of wood
 or metal. You can make your own or you can purchase them.
 A French cleat will hold a lot of weight, safely. A French cleat
 can also allow for some adjustment side to side of the item
being hung on the wall.

vintage hardware 

switch plates
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