TURQUOISE BLUE WALL DISPLAY - it's pretty, inexpensive, and my style

I created a new view in our living room using a second hand clock and some inexpensive frames. 

I found the clock at Value Village. We don't have a clock in the living room currently and this one was all carved wood. I adore things made of wood especially things that I can give a new life to but it was a staggering $20.
Once home I put a battery in it and nothing happened. I tried several different batteries, holding the clock up to my ear and each time hearing nothing.
If I took it back to the store I would only get store credit and the clock was speaking to me so I decided to fix it. I pulled the clock apart myself which did not help. It was going to need new guts, which of course would cost me more. YIPPY!

The blue floral pictures were found on-line and printed from
 our home computer using a regular ink jet printer. I used
 regular white paper and centered the images. The frames
are made of plastic making them super light weight and easy
 to hang with push pin tacks. Each measures 8 inches square.
They are a unique design where the glass pushes in from the
 front. I like them a lot and I have the link where you can find

The color of our living room is shades of turquoise blues with creamy whites. The clock had been painted in an off white latex paint before I got it, which I thought would work well. Once everything was put together it was obvious the clock would benefit from a getting a wash of blue added to it.
I used Annie Sloan Svenska Blue brushed over the top.

The overall size of my display is approx. 37 inches square, 
just over 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall. The frames are 8" sq. and
the clock is 18" sq.
If this project inspires you to create something of your
own it could easily be made bigger or smaller depending
on your space and the size of frames you use.

Another little treasure I found while thrifting that day was
 this natural wood stool for $8. I plan on using it like this
 more than on the floor. It's a perfect little table.


I am actually a little sad publishing this post because the love
 seat was sold between the time I took these photos to now
 when I am about to publish this article. We had been making
it work in the room while the decor colors were changing but
 we knew it would need to be replaced this year. So keep an
 eye out for what I come up with next for seating in this area.

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