FURNITURE MAKE OVERS - behind the scenes

All these photos are in progress shoots from my Furniture Makeover Weekend.
The idea for a furniture makeover weekend started 8 months earlier. I believe it also started much
smaller but since we would have to travel to the location I suppose the coordinators figured to get the
 most out of it while we were there. Lots of projects can be finished in a day but the idea was for
everyone to learn from all the different projects though out the weekend not just their own.

I've taught class before and I've managed 20 staff but you just never know what you are in for the
 first time you do anything big. As the chosen weekend got closer I found myself pretty calm,
and eager to take on the challenge. I got to go shopping for supplies in the last week and get
 everything packed. I still didn't know what every project was so I had to pack in anticipation.
Once upon a time I was a Girl Guide so I am always prepared.

We arrived early Saturday morning and met the ladies from LNT group. There wasn't much time to
met and greet, we had to find a sink to set up the paint mixing and figure out the area to spray
outdoors. My tool boxes would also have to found their way to the second floor where we were setting up. Long industrial tables circled the room in preparation for all the students to work on.

Before I knew it students were arriving and projects were appearing on the tables.
THE CONSULTATION ... 18 of them!
I had to talk with each person to find out what they wanted out of their furniture piece.
Repairs, additions, color, and finish, some projects evolved right there in the 2 hours, but I had to move along to get everyone focused and working.

I recall asking a group of ladies at the sink "what time is it" the response was "10 to 12
almost lunch". My reaction "is that it" made them laugh. Well at least it was lunch time!
I was in the Twilight Zone, time meant nothing to me as I ran from here to there seeing each
anxious smile wanting my attention. I would get half way through a leg install and be off again
down stairs to mix paint, which was on my way to saw the lumber I needed to finish the leg install.
By early afternoon on day two I started to notice things slowing down and coming to a finish, I could stop and talk with a student for a few minutes, I could pick up a rag and help them buff their finish, we were standing pieces up and admiring them as they were done. That was the goal and we did it! 

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