Here are some tips on installing cross supports for your bed.
This frame is built for a box spring and mattress, if you wanted to use it without a box spring
you would need a center support to the floor and twice as many cross supports i.e.. 16
These side rails never had any supports for cross slats so I added them. 

You do remember George demolishing the pretty dresser  a while back? ... with a vehicle?
Well here is a perfect time to show you how some of that wood is being reused.

These metal brackets are perfect for making beds with. I was only able to find three sets this year
 which means I can only make three beds at this time. They are from old water bed rails.
You need 4 per bed, one for each corner.
You screw them to the side rails with nice strong metal screws and on the post you add
Pan or Truss screws so the bracket can slide up and off. This makes your rails install quick and easy.
This type of screw is meant to use on metal because the back is flat and will sit tight against it.
These cross slats are old Ikea slats that I have made stronger by combining 2 together.
I screw a short one on the bottom middle of each full length board as seen below.

All of my beds are built during the summer months. I collected and stored random parts all
year long waiting to repurpose them and make them into something fabulous.

This bed is built with different parts I got at different times and put together.
The color of the bed is a bit tricky to see in this light. There is 3 layers, a white base, with
a very strong turquoise blue next and a soft sky blue on top. It is heavily distressed throughout.

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