Another beautiful summer weekend gone, but enjoyed immensely.
I finished a few projects and started many more over the last few days.
Summer days are so darn long I can work for hours.
One of the finished items is this Seaside bookshelf.
I painted it in a beachy aqua then in a vintage white. I also added the sea shell motif to the base.
George helped me with photos for an upcoming spray tutorial on these next chairs.
He is great at some things but not so great behind the camera so far.
We are going to work together to teach this old dog some new tricks and maybe you'll start
to see George's photography featured here.
I bought six of these solid maple chairs and painted them aqua.
While painting I started to get some really great cracking in the finish on each of the chairs.
Crackling usually happens when there is some oil on the surface under the paint.
Not so much the paint won't stick but trace amounts, enough for it to reach with.
In this case most of it is on the upper back rest, front and back.
This oil is probably from hands grabbing and moving the chairs over the course of the last 40 years.
I do prefer to go over my projects with soapy water before painting but sometimes think ahead about
 the finish you want, the older it is the more likely you can expect some paint reaction on the surface. 


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