BENCH BUILDING TIPS - 1950's bed to mudroom bench

I have built a lot of benches in my lifetime. This one however was built using a bed frame from the 1950's.

This foot board measured 50" wide, divide that by half you
 get 25" which is way to deep for bench arms. So when you
 use a foot board for your bench sides you are going to loose
good size piece in the middle as you can see below. 

I secured the sides with 4" screws,
making sure to have a level base underneath.

Next I cut a 2" x 4" to be the front cross support.


Mark the height your cross piece needs to sit at and when you
 don't have a helping hand you can use a pair of clamps to
 hold your board in place as you screw it in.

The large wood seat section is actually an old closet door.

I added some decorative angles under the 2 x 4 for added strength.

Straight into the mudroom it went.

You can always follow along on INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.

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