When I first started to strip this table down to be worked on, I notice the handle mounting
was small. You can find handles that mount any where from 1" up to 7" but typically most handles
measure 3". I measured to find these holes were 2.5" apart. This number won't mean much to many of
 you but for those looking for handles that mount in 2.5" holes you know they are hard to find.
George tries to keep a few in his Etsy Shop but I didn't want to take them for that very reason.

This was my opportunity to use a set of front mounting handles and share with you this alternative
 option for covering over the existing holes.

Front mounting hardware is fastened with screws through a front plate,
the ones I am using are antique brass pulls and the little screws really add to the vintage charm.
They have been positioned right over the existing holes and I predrilled for the little screws.
I attached these ones to a broken and water marker Bombay console,
after I fixed the breaks and painted over the water marks of course.



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