THE BENEFITS OF DARK WAX - tuscan blue server

The goal for this cabinet
was to play with the paint 
finish and create something
super old looking.

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CHANGING A WATERFALL - coco handpainted desk

I've never been a fan of water fall / art deco styled furniture, but it is made well
and there is plenty of it out there.
This piece comes from The Gelco Furniture Company in Montreal circa 1950 - 1960.

I like to change the look and feel of them and have them loved once more.

This pieces was update only with paint, hardware, and some appliques.
Not my usually tear down or build upon approach.

Setting forth to hand paint both end panels and a bit on the front takes just about as many hours
as rebuilding does.

I also played with dark wax on this piece more creatively then I have in the past.

I used appliques to disguise some of the art deco lines
and gave it a feminine feel with the handles I used.

Here is a close up of one of the hand painted end panels.

This hand painted desk was finished with Annie Sloan Old White and trimmed with Coco.
Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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COOKIES AND CREAM - numbered chest

I'm working on several new furniture pieces for the upcoming Christmas Craft & Gift show,
and this numbered chest is one of them.

I have nicknamed it the COOKIES & CREAM CHEST because of the colors used.

The dark top and trim is a rich chocolate color.

and the hardware is painted to match.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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Time to show you some tips and tricks to refreshing your drawers.

Here is how this dresser transformed on the outside.

The color is just amazing distressed over the dark stained wood.
The dresser was in decent shape with only a few repairs needed.
The biggest problem was on the inside.

 The drawers were lined with gold and black MacTac shelf liner.
I'm sure once upon a time marbled black MacTac was very desirable, but not anymore.
 BEFORE                                                       AFTER

I removed the sticky black paper, pulled all the staples that also held the paper in, removed the
glue gun glue that also held the paper in, and then washed the entire drawer with soap and water.


is to wax your drawer runners so they move in and out much easier.
You can use a candle or a bar of soap by simply rubbing them along the bottom of your drawer.

I have my furniture paste wax handy most of the time so I quickly paint some on the inside
along the drawer supports and even on the inside walls where the drawer might rub. 

 I finished these drawers off by re-lining them with a prepasted wallpaper.
I do offer a tutorial here about how to install unpasted wallpaper.


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