PAINTING MARBLE - eiffel tower chest

There were so many aspects to bringing the Eiffel Tower chest together.

I had to replace many missing mouldings and do several repairs to the inside and top frame.

I learned that the underside of marble inserts are not finished and sealed
therefore can be painted and waxed.

The original marble insert was bright orange and had damaged areas.

Get everything painted and waxed then ....

add an adhesive vinyl wall graphic after unscrewing
and cleaning all the fancy escutcheons (lock plates) 

This wall graphic came in 9 sq. panels and I bought it at HomeSense about 6 months ago.

BEFORE                                               AFTER

One of the final steps was to preserve the amazing wood interior by waxing and polishing the drawers.

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  1. This turned out beautifully but I am a bit confused about were the marble was and why you painted it. I hope you are enjoying a great weekend.

  2. This is so beautiful, I am completely amazed by how it turned out. I love the graphic, and you did such a wonderful job with it. You are one talented lady!!

  3. Not only do you execute your "afters" perfectly but you have such vision... do you usually "see" the finished product before you start?

  4. Hi there, I'm a new...and avid fan! I've been devouring your blog for the past week or so and just love your work. Yesterday I purchased the most darling set of rustic hearts and stars drawer pulls from your ETSY shop. I'm really looking forward to recieving them.
    You are an amazingly talented woman and have breathed new inspiration into me and I just wanted to say... THANK YOU!

  5. This is just plain "yummy"! It would be gone at our shop in a hot minute. Anything Paris inspired goes right out the door. Beautiful job!

  6. Absolutely outstanding. To know that the underside of the marble was paintable is fabulous! What a beautiful piece of work!

  7. Ha quedado genial me encanta el resultado Un saludo

  8. You knock me out with your make overs. Wonderful. Smiles, Susie

  9. Looks amazing. I, too am confused about the marble :)

  10. Hi Kristy!!

    WOW!!!!! You know I love your work and you just keep showing us how talented you are.

    This chest is beautiful!! I love the sides!! I love the fact that you make one a kind items.


  11. that is awesome! you have such great vision!


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