MODERN CONVENIENCE - french provincial 4 drawer dresser

George has loved this dresser for quite some time but alas,
if you love something you must set it free. 

It was painted in old white and distressed to give it more age than it actually has.

We had bought both this dresser and a matching desk,
when we moved in together.
The desk was painted and sold long ago, (stop pouting Elinor)

But in the last few months once it was clear it was going to have to find a new home
the dresser became another victim to Chalk Paint.

This dresser has pretty provincial handles and the modern convenience of roller drawers. 

You can find the side by side before and after here
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  1. As always...wonderful job!

  2. I'm trying patience and it's not working so good... I always find your newest post before it comes via email.


  3. I love the modern conveniences of a rolling drawer, but it looks old on the outside. Sorry George.

  4. Kristy, this is great! This would look great in my living room!

  5. This dresser looks so authentically vintage that it's a surprise to open the drawers and see convenient modern drawer glides.

  6. Bello bello belloooooooo!^_^


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