HOW TO TAKE BORING TO BEAUTIFUL - tall white sideboard

I get asked often where I get the appliques I use on my furniture projects.
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This huge project was done for a friend of GG's. It was something they found on a trip and they loved it enough to bring it all the way home. Now it was my turn to update it.

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MOUTHWATERING DESK - bright white desk


Have you ever seen such a beautiful shabby chic desk.


Glass knobs

It has a great foot shelf underneath with caning.

Painted in bright white, distressed, and waxed offering that oh so soft velvety feel.

I had 2 small orb shaped knobs perfect for these mini drawers. 

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THE BEFORE - window dresser

I recently replaced 3 large ugly drawers in the middle of an old dresser
with a vintage window turned door and cupboard space behind.

 Here are the much anticipated BEFORE shots.

The first time my daughter saw this dresser she remarked on the ugliness of the middle drawers.
Not to worry they will get used in the future but out they go for now.

This is my sliding compound mitre saw, a tool I use just about every day,
and definitely an asset for this project.

 The interior of the cupboard was lined with the wood from the 4 drawers.

A = drawer back
B = drawer bottom
C = drawer sides

There is a great deal of framing going on behind that beautiful wood interior.
Again most of it was the original framing for the drawers just re purposed.

It's like it was meant to be this way always! 

You can find all the beauty shots here,
and if you would like to see more BEFORE and AFTER shots
of more projects check them out here.


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OLD WINDOWS - long console cabinet

You can find old windows for free, for a few bucks,
or even for a hefty price at used building suppliers or antique stores.

Either way they have many great uses when recycled for your home.

A good friend gave me this window when I saw it in her garage.
Low and behold hubby had a plan for it so I offered to give it back.

I believe the response I got back went something like,
"plz create something wonderful with it"

So I did my best and I hope they are both proud of it.

This extra long dresser as been converted to be used as a media center.
It can house a large TV on top and media conponents behind the glass doors.

It has lots of storage for movies and music in the six drawers,
and whatever else you need them for.

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