I was asked about many of the items used on my mantle. So I created tutorials on some of the items. Today is the SHEET MUSIC TREE ORNAMENTS

You will need:
Hot glue gun & glue
A sheet of music
White glue
2 plates
2 center decorations (I used Santa graphics)

Take your sheet music and cut it to the size you want your finished ornament to be.

Above is an example of the size I did compared to the page of the sheet music.

Accordion your cut piece.

Tie your tightly folded accordion section in the middle with your hanging string.

Fold in half length wise and hide the string where you glue it together with your glue gun.

Now glue the other side and press the edges together
forming a full circle.

Tie off your string and trim the length.

Now to the glitter part and the center decoration.
I've used a graphic printed from the computer with a vintage Santa image.
You could use many things such as: parts of old greeting cards, gift tags, or
even type out a tag saying:
and use it as a gift tag

You need to have a good amount of white glue to dip
your parts in. This is my glue plate pictured below.

Have your glitter ready for dipping also.

Between your fingers roll your decoration in your glue, coating the edges.

Move to your glitter and roll your decoration there next.

Set it aside to dry.

Repeat the steps for the second decoration.

1 for the front and 1 for the back.
You can also do different pictures front and back for a different look depending what side you want to show.

Now you do the same thing with the sheet music fan circle.

Roll the edge in your glue

Then in your glitter.

Now hot glue your ornaments in the centers,
1 side then the other.

Your Sheet Music Ornament can be hung on a tree, 
they can embellish a present, or hang in a window.

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