MY KITCHEN CABINET was created with the cheapest appliques I can think of

You know what this is ... right?

Maybe this picture will help ... plastic garden fence.

Here is a close up.

Here is what you can do with it.

Plastic garden fence makes for great drawer appliques.
They can be cut apart with a sharp knife or jigsaw.

These little guys were pre-dilled with a
small drill bit and attached with finishing nails.

Don't forget to keep those plastic garden fences.
You just never know when you might need them.

The cabinet is lined with wallpaper from D. Marie Wallpaper

Here is a look at another set of drawers that have been 
embellished with plastic garden fence parts.

firstfinds hardware store
 has 1000's of pieces of up-cycled hardware to finish help with your projects.




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  1. It looks great! I've used every possible material as appliques. By the way, not all "high end" furniture is made completely of wood. I love what you did, including the interior.

  2. How creative! What a big difference it made!

  3. love it. what an inventive idea!

  4. Nice! I enjoy reading blogs that think outside the box. Thanks!

  5. That was great!~I just posted on using antique iron fencing, and it has a lot of the same style that your plastic fencing does. Never thought of using it for furniture accents!! Brilliant!! The wallpaper looks gorgeous too, love blue and white together.

  6. Wow NO WAY that became your furniture's hardware!!! I'll check back in when I actually register in my mind that is possible.

  7. Clever lady. Do you think my neighbours will notice if I go and snip off every 3rd. point?
    Thanks for coming by my blog. It is always so nice to meet another local blogger.

  8. How creative, way to go! Always on the lookout for the creative touch!
    Carol in GA

  9. Genious! What a great idea, thanks for sharing:) I found you at Thrifty 101!

  10. This is such a cute addition to the drawers. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a beautiful transformation! (Smart idea using the details on the garden fence.)

  12. The design are really amazing.Such a care is taking to make it.I loved it.Hats off.
    -Oak china cabinet

  13. That came out so great. Thanks for linking it up to our Wicked awesome wed link party.