COME, SIT, RELAX - white country spindle bench

Take a moment to stop in and enjoy the fresh BC air.

Have a seat, stay awhile.

The longer you stay, George will have to put off
 getting on his ride on lawn mower.

Would you like a refreshment?

The truth is I have wanted to take these photos for
awhile, and then when I turned my back George
 actually start to mow the lawn.

Well I run outa the house, down the stairs,
waving my arms madly in the air.

Well of course he thinks something is on fire but
 does give me a helping hand to carry the bench out,
 watches while I take the photos, and then as any
 gentleman would, helped to carry it back. I'm sure
 he was just eager to get back to his ride.

 Some of you caught a quick glimpse of this little
  gem during an earlier post about wallpaper, a
 highboy, and my new paint sprayer. If you missed
 out you can find that here.

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ON THE FARM - rustic barn chest

Photo taken at Webster Fleamarket
more about that at the bottom.
This chest was in terrible shape
I chose to work with it's rustic attributes not against them.

The original hardware was tossed in the trash, these
 beauties were stolen roadside off a pressboard 70's
 long dresser, might I add it was pouring rain at the time.
I highlighted the grain in the plywood by having
black under the red and sanding till it showed thru.

But the very first coat was a white primer, I wanted
 many layers to show thru adding to the appearance of age.

I couldn't think of a better way to line the drawers
 then with this fun farmhouse tablecloth.

While working on this rustic red chest of drawers I
 was reminded of all the neat farm items we saw while
strolling thru many of Florida's fleamarkets while on holiday.

Here are just some of the farm items that caught my eye.

I wish I could have taken this yoke transformed into
 a mirror home on the plane. George just looks at
 me sideways when I say that. Have you seen some
 of the things ppl carry on planes?


in shabby chic white hardware at

We have over a 1000 pieces of
 used hardware to choose from



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