SWITCH YOUR LIGHT - cord switch install tutorial

I added corded switches
to my two wall scones.
Vintage rose revamp can be found here
I've done this many times before however this time
I noticed there was no instructions on the switch
packaging, so I thought I would share.

The items I bought were a
15ft extension cord and a cord switch.

The tools I used were
phillips screw driver, wire cutters & wire strippers

First I cut the outlet end of the cord.
This is the end that was connected to the wall
scones. An additional post explaining this step
will be coming soon.

Second I figured out the location I wanted the
 switch and cut half way thru the cord.

Next was to pull the one side of the cord away
from the other before stripping the cut ends and
twist the exposed wire clockwise.
If you notice in the photos there is a small
amount of the cord cut out completely.

I hooked the two exposed ends to fit onto
the screws in my switch.

Time for the switch.
With my screw driver I remove the cover.

I loosened the screws inside the switch so I
 could hook the wires onto them,
once I had the wire ends in
 place I tighten the screws back down.

Almost done.
I had to push the two wires into the cut out
on each end of the switch housing.

See how everything is in place now.

Lastly I grabbed the cover plate and
screwed it back on to the housing.

Voila there is my new switch,
now to the second one.

There are other kinds and sizes of switches you can
 buy. They may have a different install method also.
 I like these larger ones because they have a
convenient flip switch rather then that turney
 one with teeth that hurt your thumb or finger if too stiff.

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