ANOTHER WAY TO ADD HEIGHT TO FURNITURE - wood and ivory bedsides

The bedroom is a comforting place we spent each night and having a set of bedside cabinets that are tall enough for the modern bed can be challenging. Here is another way to lift up older nightstand without buying expensive pretty legs.

ABOVE: is a look at one of the cabinets BEFORE, I liked the
 cut away detail on the bottom so I am going to keep that but
 I will also offer you an option to cover it up.
BELOW: is the finished look of one of the cabinets and after
I have made it several inches taller.

ABOVE: Along the bottom frame I added 2x2 wood. The
edges line up flush with the sides of the cabinet for the next step.

BELOW: is where you can see the trim molding is being
 added to disguise the added pieces.


I liked the cut out so I worked with it but this is where you
 can deviate from the plan and continue straight across the
 front or add a square detail like this example below.
The square block is added first and the other pieces are cut to butt up against it's sides.

ABOVE: you can see I took the extra time to custom fit
 everything to enhance the curves on the front cut out.

BELOW: you see how nice it is coming together 
and the cabinet has been raised almost 2 inches.


ABOVE: I am getting ready to add another step to make
 them even taller. I cut the wood on my mitre saw and
 screw them together before adding them to the cabinet.

BELOW: you see where the final wood pieces attach to the
 bottom and make a bigger floor foot print because they are
 stepped out another half inch.

I sprayed the cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,
and added thick wood tops.

I kept the original ornate top drawer handles and painted
 them the same color as the drawers. The inside of the 
drawers were lined with a heavy weight coordinating wallpaper.

The tops have a faux weather look
and a wonderfully smooth waxed surface.

You can also follow along on INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood

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