A REAL SMALL LAUNDRY ROOM - sign and storage

In the spring I attended a local market put on in the parking lot where we buy our produce. One of the vendors had signs for sale and she just happened to have the one sign I have been coveting. Well GG bought it for me and I want to show it off.

I have not shared our laundry room before for a couple
 reasons. #1 there is no natural light to photograph with
 and #2 it's location makes it hard to photograph.


Our laundry is in the bathroom opposite the vanity and right
 next to the shower (where I had to stand to get most of these photos)

We have a tone of storage in here and I built a
custom ironing board that hinges on the wall.
It is a thick piece of butcher block that when
un-pinned from the wall lays down on the machines.

My basket tags are super inexpensive. I used a white paint
 pen to write the words on glossy black cardboard I cut from
 a discarded box. They are stuck on with double sided tape.

All my baskets are from the thrift store. I put a note with
 measurements in my wallet when I need a new basket of a
 certain size and when I am shopping I can quickly refer to it. 

This long mirror, the laundry shelf, ironing board, and sink
 vanity are all painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint pure white.

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