LUXURIOUS BEDDING - french country bedroom

I easily can admit I have an obsession with bed linens. I want to change them at least once a week to enjoy the crisp clean feeling when I get into bed at night. I have even converted the man of the house to want to change the bed just as often.

So you can assume I do have a large collection of bed linens
 to choose. I am a wiggly sleeper and have always managed to
 strangle myself with top sheets so I stopped using them long
 ago. In our house they get used for curtains, furniture covers,
 or drop cloths. We use duvets and covers, and they get
 washed about once a month. We have several thin duvet
 comforters that can snap together when we need them to be heavier. 

While at the thrift store shopping for some fall shirts, I found
 a lovely off-white duvet cover in the linen section. It has an
 overlapping edge with a decorative detail and small diamond
 patterns thru out. With a price tag of only $6.99 I was taking it home.

 In the kitchen wares I found another wonderful treasure,
this chubby Canadian marked stoneware pitcher.


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