RE-USING VINTAGE PICTURE FRAMES - chalk paint and seashells

I'm working on a new wall display in another part of our home and that got me thinking that I had not properly shared a unique gallery wall display I had done several years ago.

All the way down the end of the hallway is a small section 
of wall I did not know what to do with.

It is right between the bedroom and the bathroom.

It remained a blank unused canvas for years until I sat down
 one day with some vintage painted frames, a hot glue gun,
 and some sea shells and started creating.

On some I layered multiple frames, and some I used scraps of 
burlap. A couple have 3 frames and 1 has a porcelain frame.
All the pieces were hot glue together and over time nothing
has come apart.

I enjoyed myself while I created each piece because
many of the shells are from our holidays together.


All the white frames were painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

The last step was to take all the pieces
I made and fit them on the wall.

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