Every since I was a kid I liked little drawers filled with wonderful things. 

Mom use to take us along to the Hobby Hut when she was
 picking up her craft supplies. I clearly remember all the long
 thin cardboard boxes filled with any number of tiny crafting
 supplies. Shelves of them just at the right height for me to
 want to look through. Boxes of wood beads in all sizes you 
might need. Little doll parts, heads, hands, glasses, and
shoes. Wooden stars, and hearts, pipe cleaners and pompoms
in every colors.  There was just something so intriguing to me
 about the fantasy of it all.

Fast forward a few years and two large storage buildings were
 filled up with all the remnants left from our family's service
 station after it was sold. At that time in life I only had 2
 goals, the first was to convince my dad to let my 9 year old
 self ride his dirt bike, and when that didn't work I would
 try to sneak into one of those buildings so I could treasure
 hunt for hours. 

Finally years later I became a store merchandiser. And I
 specialized in the small stuff. For example I wasn't much
 interested in merchandising toilets or bathtubs in big box
 stores but I excelled at the hand tool section and reading
 planograms for 16 feet of nail care in a drug store, very
 meticulous work. There it was again, me enjoying the little details.

So I guess it shouldn't be a surprise I like collecting vintage
hardware and refurbishing it. That way I can collect and build
cute little drawers to hide my treasures away in.



The dark distressed paint technique I used can be found here:

I added the top and corbels on the side to keep the units
 together, and make them feel more like one piece. I brush
 painted everything with Annie Sloan Old White.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you might be
 notice some other changes happening in this area. For now I
 will share that we found a really cool retro sofa piece and I
 have been working it into a new look for spring. I hope to
 share it soon.

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