This is a two for post, 2 makeovers in 1 article. The wall got a makeover and so did the cabinet. The room all this is happening in is a small add on to the mobile home. Over time I have been grooming it into a nice little semi formal entry. 

Last year I found a super deal on 2 faux brick panels to fit this
back wall. The wall had never been finished, it had a half
 sheet of paneling over plywood, 2 different levels. During
heavy rain storms there was also something brownish leaking
 down the wall from outside. Well I fixed that issue but the
 wall was now stained from the brownish stuff. I figured it
 would look great with one new and unified surface. We
 enjoyed the brick look for 6 months but the plan was to
soften the look with a white washed, which I recently got to do with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Once the wall was painted I started to play with different
 looks against it, taking photos to see how it worked.
It is going to be a great back drop for a lot of different photo
shoots and this room is the one with the most natural light.

That brings me to part two, the beautiful cabinet I painted.


It's a great vintage piece made of solid wood and tons of
 storage. The color I used was a very soft turquoise mixed
 using Annie Sloan Pure White and a tiny bit of Annie Sloan
 Florence. I sprayed the cabinet out doors when it was nice
 and warm out.

The distressing on the wood was done with a 220 grit sand
paper, simply hand sanding to create the finished look. I kept
 the original brass drop pull hardware right in place during
the spraying. Once dry I chipped away the paint on the metal
 until I loved the look of it half missing.
For sandpaper distressing tips follow this link:

I also had a wonderful turquoise pattern wall paper
I was able to line the drawers with. I can't help myself when I
see single rolls of inexpensive wallpaper I grab them for my
 collection. When a project comes up I inevitably have
 something that will match.

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