I purchased a pair of pretty classy
late 1960's nightstands only
to find out one was a knockoff.

My plan was to strip the wood finish and stain them dark espresso but because one was a knock off
it wasn't going to work. I only figured this all out after I got them home. One cabinet was factory 
made using nice veneers and the second was homemade to match. Completely different woods were 
used throughout the whole cabinets and I did not want to waste time and money seeing if I could get
 the stain the same.

The carpenter who made the second cabinet really did an amazing job matching them up
but as soon as you start to look inside and underneath the differences are obvious. Different
hinges, different legs, different backs, different construction and so on. The drawers are different 
depths and they even took the paint differently so I nicknamed them
Jack & Jill while I was working on them.


BEFORE                       AFTER




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