RECYCLED TIERED STAND - tips & inspiration

It doesn't matter if you stop in to a thrift store once a year or
once a week the abundance of metal kitchen ware is huge. I 
have been picking up interesting metal kitchen pieces for 
years and adding them to a box I call parts. In that box, I
collect all the bits needed to make recycled tiered stands.
Let me show you some of the ones I have made and offer 
some valuable tips for building your own.

A good tiered stand needs character to start so the more you love the containers the better it
will turn out. Coordinating colors really helps too. The firmer the bottoms of the dishes are
the better, if not you need to support them with something else like a wood disk. Some
of the ones I have made sit on little legs that are made from old knobs. Some have glass
door knobs that decorate the very top for a little extra glamour. They are all built with
wood turnings in between the levels so screws can be used to secure the stands together.

I have even used an old wood trivet/hot plate as the very bottom of my drink station stand.
Old enamel ware looks great in tiered stands as well as vintage tins. Each stand is constructed
differently because of the different parts but double ended screws can help make things simpler.
For the double ended screw, you predrill both pieces of wood (hole must be slightly smaller than
the threads), holding the mid-section of the screw with a pair of pliers you screw into one end.
Once the screw is in one end you simply screw the other piece of wood onto it. 



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