Earlier this month I started several projects that
had to be put on hold because of our summer
vacation. This storage closet was one of them.
It was high time we travel to Eastern Canada to
see George's family, after all he had not met his
youngest grandchild since she was born several
years ago.

While we were there George took me to a historical settlement called Kings Landing.
You get to leave the modern world by riding in the back of a horse drawn buckboard.
After a nice ride through the country you end up in an old town waiting for you to explore.

It has an Inn called King’s Head with a restaurant and English-style pub. We ate at the restaurant
before exploring, this was my first taste of GINGERBREAD with whipcream (and I don't mean 
gingerbread cookies I mean ginger "BREAD")  The town is filled with folks in costume and tons
 of old homes and businesses you get to go into and see life in the 1800's.


These photos were taken of the Mercantile and George had a fun time talking
with the proprietor while I looked around.


Each home had incredible set ups for cooking. This photo above right shows a wall oven toward the
 back of the picture and the round barrel like thing in the foreground is a meat roaster that gets placed
 in front of the fireplace and has clock works for turning the spigot. This fireplace had to have been 
about 10 ft wide and the stone chimney was massive.

The settlement has an artesian well meaning they had running water.
I found the stone sink and livestock watering log very interesting.


One house had this little wood stove in a cut out between two rooms for heat.


Each building had an occupant doing some work, some ladies would be sewing or cooking, two
ladies were visiting together. The furniture shop was running and one fellow was carving a sign, each
 time we stepped inside they would stop and talk with us as we visited their home or work place. I 
was filled with questions about everything made of wood and the tools. Some homes had very modest
 pieces and some had extremely expensive taste but it was all beautiful wood. Many of the kitchen
 tables were so smooth just from years of use, I had to reach out and touch many of them. 

I really enjoyed the day and knew once I was back home Kings Landing was definitely
going to influence some of my future projects, but not this big white storage
closet I started resurrecting before our trip.

The interior of this piece is so nicely finished I choice to not paint it.


I added some big ceramic and metal pulls to the doors.


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