I was rePurposing a clothes closet for someone special
and the original piece I was working with, came with
smoked glass panels set in 2 doors. I knew the look I
wanted for the finished closet but it was not going to
work with the glass looking that way. 

Not only was the glass a smoky dark color it had a flowery vine design in white around the edge.
This clothes closet was being rePurposed for a boys room so I created a different look for the panels.

This young man just happens to be from the UK so I chose to
paint canvas in a vertical British flag design for each door.
I used drop cloth from the paint store and adhered it with double sides tape on the back side of the glass.
Then I mapped out the Union Jack design with masking tape for painting on the canvas. 
BEFORE      &     AFTER

I fixed all the issues a vintage piece of furniture usually has, like wobbly drawers and missing
 handles before painting it all white. The idea for this closet was to add heavier distressing
 where it would typically be worn from years of use.

Here is a close up of the antique pulls and the simulated wear on the paint around the handles.
Once the doors and drawers were all distressed and looking perfect I gave them a nice waxing.
I have a short waxing video available to watch here:

Behind the doors I installed some nice natural wood shelves for folded clothes, the hanging rod is still there and the shelves can easily be removed later if someone wants to hang clothes again.

Here is another look at the final piece finished ...

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