I am a fan of Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian TV drama
series set in the 1890's. For those unfamiliar with the
plot, Constable William Murdoch is a Toronto detective who
solves his cases using methods of detection that were new to
the time. There are many scenes set in the streets of Toronto
and I enjoy seeing all the shop signs that have been recreated
for filming. They also shoot scenes in the city morgue
which has a great turn of the century look. When I was
working on this next project I envisioned this cabinet in that
setting with white vintage labelling on the glass. But how to
recreate that for myself?
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DRIFTWOOD FINISH - how to video

Growing up we spent most free weekends camping
on the shores of Harrison lake. The lake always had
lots of silvered driftwood and my father, sister, and
I would build rafts to sail around on. I was a skinny
child with long legs and big ambitions. The bigger
the logs the more I wanted to roll them down the
beach and build them into our rafts. I could never
forget the look and feel of those sun kissed driftwood

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BEFORE AND AFTER - grey cabinet reveal

Many of our grandmothers had a glass doored cabinet
in their homes like the one I found at Value Village.
I can remember pressing my face against the glass
to see my Gram's English tea cups sitting on the
shelves inside. My friend's grandmother was
Hungarian and they had lots of Czechoslovakian
crystal on display behind glass doors.

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CREATING ORNATE DETAILS - secrets revealed

I have given many furniture projects a new
look by adding ornate details to boring flat
kick plates. The tools I use for this are a
pencil, a jigsaw, a hammer, finishing nails,
and an applique.

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Want to know the cheapest way to
added appliques to your painting projects?

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I moved into a little farm house years ago that had sunshine yellow cabinets and navy blue celestial wallpaper on the upper
portion of the walls. It was HIDEOUS but that never discouraged
me against using wallpaper myself. 

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