DRIFTWOOD FINISH - how to video

Growing up we spent most free weekends camping
on the shores of Harrison lake. The lake always had
lots of silvered driftwood and my father, sister, and
I would build rafts to sail around on. I was a skinny
child with long legs and big ambitions. The bigger
the logs the more I wanted to roll them down the
beach and build them into our rafts. I could never
forget the look and feel of those sun kissed driftwood

 Recreating that perfect silvered driftwood finish with paint isn't as hard as you might think. 
While I was painting this cabinet I shot a short video to show you the steps I took and the
supplies I used.

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BEFORE                           AFTER


the tutorial for the diy graphics done on these glass doors can be found here:

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  1. Thank you for showing how to do this! Very cool!

  2. How neat! We live near the Oregon Coast, so acheiving the look of driftwood would be so neat to give that coastal feeling. Love the video!! ;)

  3. I've worked towards a driftwood look before, but not using sandpaper in the manner that you have shown... it's fantastic and I look forward to playing soon! I spent my youth on So. California beaches collecting smaller driftwood and making extensive mobiles to hang and watch turn with the breeze. I totally get the aesthetic connection to the variable striations in the washed-up wood.

    Looking good Kristy, and Thank You once again!



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