WHITE WASHING VIDEO - recycling bin

I've had an unfinished wood bin in my kitchen
for years and I've always wanted to whitewash
it. Person projects always seem to take a back
burner to other work but I finally stole some
time during the holidays to get it accomplished.
I even pulled out the camera and did a quick
video of how easy it really is. In hindsight I'm
not sure what took me so long.

The technique I use in the video below is for raw unfinished wood only.

Here is your WHITE WASHING video:
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I never watered down the paint in the can but if you do you will have more working time with the
 paint. I know some of you are trying to pull my hair out of the way while watching, I promise I'll 
wear a hat next time.

I did not use wax on this project.
I will be watching the lid to see how much ware it gets in the area we touch but I'm pretty
 sure it is going to be okay. If you are concerned about your project simply wax the parts that get handled.

I have a tutorial for whitewashing finished wood on another page, CLICK here


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