ROPE HANDLES - tutorial

Time for the tutorial on the big nautical rope handles I used on my beach dresser. They work really well
on these drawers and look incredible. It took some time to find the rope I wanted to use but in the end
I nailed it.

My rope handles are made with a large brown rope I found at
 Michael's craft store. It is soft and nice to touch. I bought 
EYE SCREWS from Home Depot to attached the knotted 
rope to the drawers. 

I could use EYE SCREWS or EYE BOLTS but the bolts 
were too long for these drawers. When shopping for your 
supplies remember your "EYE" must be big enough for your 
rope to fit through.

EYE SCREWS actually screw into wood and hold tight.
EYE BOLTS fit into a pre-drilled hole and is held by a nut
on the opposite side.


First thing I did was to measure how much rope I would 
need. I tied a knot in one end to see how much length would
 be required for each knot, that's when I realized I had to go
 back to Michaels for more rope. The knots use a lot.

After one more trip to the store I had enough rope for my project.

#1   Tie one end of the rope through an EYE SCREW and pull the knot tight. 
#2  Now screw that EYE with the knot, into the front of the dresser.  

#3   Take the second EYE and screw it into
 the drawer front on the other side.
#4  Now thread your rope into that second 
eye and tie the next knot and tighten it.

#5  The last step of making each handles
 is to cut the rope and flare the ends.


If I were to use EYE BOLTS I could tie the rope to both bolts
 and then insert them into the drawer at the same time.
This is easier but requires an additional step in many cases.
Cutting the excess bolt shaft if too long for the drawer thickness.


Hope that takes some of the mystery out of how
you can DIY your own nautical rope handles.


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