SHABBY TALL CABINET - custom wood working

Growing up I wasn't the daughter that liked to play with dolls.
I was the tomboy playing outdoors, riding bikes, making ladders
to climb higher and building forts to spy from. We didn't
have a lot when I was young but we did have five acres of forest
and daddy's garage, where I could find old cans of nails and a
hammer to build whatever I wanted.

Because of the way I grew up I find it second nature to be able to build things with whatever
I have around me. This cabinet (below right) I built using parts I found on the road side.
The base cabinet was an unfinished maple school project (below left) that I was more than
happy to find. And when we stopped to picked up the glass door 
the owner came out to thank us and say
"my wife said no one would pick that up but I knew someone would want it"

If only his wife could see it now!

One of the shelf boards I used in building the upper cabinet was salvaged from an oak table leaf.
I built the upper cabinet from scratch to fit the glass door and used all salvaged wood.

not every surface needs to be waxed when painting with ASCP
interior side walls are almost never touched so if you choose,
save your wax in these locations

I installed these legs exactly the same as my earlier written tutorial:


 I've painted the finished piece in AS Old White with edge distressing.

use old hinges to hold an upper and lower cabinet together at the back
but have the hinge pins slide out easily so they can be transported in two separate parts.


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