PHARMACY CABINET - shabby chic build with an old window

I like building things with wood. I keep a lot of wood
bits stored for when I want to build something. I find
building furniture very rewarding, and building furniture
using old windows from the past gets me more than
excited. This tall Pharmacy Cabinet was made with
several different vintage pieces.

 It all started when a short wood cabinet was sitting in my work room and an unusual pair of legs
came in. These legs were very different than most other legs I work with and I wasn't sure I
could use them at all but one look at how this cabinet was built and I figured I could make them work.

It took some creative thinking, fitting, and carving but in the end the legs installed really
well and solid on this cabinet.

The upper cabinet was built with various pieces of used lumber salvage from other furniture
 that I have deconstructed and stored for when I need the right piece.

The door on the upper is an old window with original paint and glass.
I have owned and loved this window for over 10 years.


The pulls, the lock plate, and the hinges are all reclaimed from other vintage donors.


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