I was given the challenge to create a vertical message center with a magnetic chalk board and this is what I created with
the help of a broken mirror.

One of these mirrors in the picture below broke after I had
refinished the frame so it was the perfect candidate to use for the project.

I used a vintage metal cabinet cup pull on the frame for a chalk holder and two *D* rings on the back
 to mount it the wall. The keys in the photo above are made by gluing a strong magnet to the back
 of drawer knobs. I also made a key stick pin with hot glue and a nail sunk into the screw hole.
You can see that one stuck into the cork below.

The metal chalk board and cork board are all attached to a thick backer board that was original to the
 mirror frame. I also used some extra molding to add a divider in between. The cork was purchased at
 the craft store and Daddy is the metal worker in the family so he supplied and cut the metal for me.
The chalkboard paint that was used comes in a spray can from Home Depot.

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