THE FARMHOUSE MERCANTILE CABINET - butcher paper graphic transfer

There are a lot of different transfer
methods available on-line but this
article I wrote is all about how I was able to get the right sized words 
transferred onto raw wood. Keep
reading to find out what font I used.

I wanted to add some black typography to the doors on this
cabinet and I thought this would be another great project to
 use the butcher paper transfer on. This method transfers the
 ink from my ink jet printer onto the raw wood using butcher
 paper. Butcher paper has a waxy side and when you print
 on it the ink isn't absorb into the paper and stays wet. You
 then position your image face down over your project and
 press it into place. The surface you are applying the ink to
 must be porous so it will absorb the ink.

The trick to this method is you only have one opportunity to
 get it right so extra planning in advance is a must.

Butcher paper is not printer friendly and doesn't go through
 the rollers well so I cut and tape it to a regular sheet of white
 paper. I tape the whole leading edge that feeds into the
 printer. Be sure to remove the white paper from your butcher
 paper before doing the actual transfer on to your project.
Locally I get my butcher paper at Brick and Mortar Living in New West.

I started with the word MERCANTILE and used Algerian
 font. I worked with a programs on my PC to get the arch and
 size I wanted. I printed out everything on regular paper and
 position it to see where I wanted it and how it would look.

Above you can see the fresh ink sitting on the paper so handle it very carefully.
Below you can see two sheets ready to go.

When you know you are ready carefully turn your image to face the wood and hoover for a
 moment to make sure it is positioned right before the final lay down and press it into place.

The transfer is immediate that is why you have to get it positioned right and don't want to move.

Above is a close up of the ink right after the transfer, it is almost completely absorbed in the wood.
Below are the doors finished.

Another unique graphic project can be found here:

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