SEARS BONNET DRESSER - french provincial before and after


Do you have one of those popular
dressers made by Sears back in the
day? The brand was Bonnet and
they were so chic that all the girls and ladies had them in their rooms.
Here is how I gave mine a new look.

Some of the drawers on mine were not working well or  missing parts so I had to fix them first and I removed the extra detail things from the fronts of the top drawers. I sprayed it in a creamy white and added a vintage set of Chippendale handles. It looks like 12 drawers but really the bottom ones are double deep making it a 9 drawer dresser.

Maybe you need a set of new handles for a dresser project
you are working on?
Firstfinds Hardware Store on Etsy has some popular
Misfit Chippendale sets available like these below.
Check out this link to see what's available:

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