SEARS BONNET DRESSER - french provincial inspiration


 I refurbished a vintage Bonnet Dresser available back in the day at Sears. These dressers and the matching pieces were hugely popular with moms and kids from the late sixties all the way into the early eighties. Some of the drawers on this one were not working well or were missing parts so I fixed them and removed the extra detail things from the fronts of the top 3 drawers. I sprayed it in a creamy white and added a new vintage set of Chippendale handles. It looks like there are 12 drawers but really the bottom ones are double deep making for 9 drawers.
If you are looking for a unique set of handles for a large dresser check out the popular
Misfit Chippendale sets listed at Firstfinds Etsy shop. You just never know what will catch your eye:

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