Like the dessert of the same name this Crème brûlée table has soft cream tones and dark vanilla areas with a caramelized top. Come see what I mean and be sure to read along with the story ...

I found this table many years ago when my daughter lived in 
tight quarters. It was in a tiny thrift store an hour away from
home. It was a very unique table that would fit up against the 
wall as a desk but also folded out to become a dining table.

 It would suit her needs for an eating surface but could fold
 up to be smaller when not in use. I bought it straight away
 and painted it the color of her choice. She eventually
 moved into a bigger place and it became the main
 dining spot for her eat in kitchen.

Finally she bought her own house which was much larger
and she no longer needed the table. Back to mom it came.

"What to do with this table now?"
Well a bit more time passed as it got moved around taking up
 space before one spring morning mom decided to see what
she could do with this table. She decided to start by
separating the two ends and ended up creating two
 unique console tables by adding additional legs to the backs.

A look through her wood bits and pieces and she found a
 curved piece to attach to the front and a large medallion
 embellishment to layer on the front of this table.



It was brush painted with several thick layers of Annie Sloan
 Old White and let to set up for a few weeks. The goal was a
 very rich, thick, almost coarse texture, and then age it with
distressing and waxes.


To see what became of the other table:

You can also follow along on INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood

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