Once upon a time this cute little turquoise hall table use to be a dining table.

I found an antique fold out table at the thrift store and knew
 if would wonders for my daughter starting out. She lived in a
 small space so it could be used as a desk or a dining table.
I refinished the top and gave the base a pretty paint job.
When it was time for a full size dining table she returned it
to me to give it another life.

I took it apart and made 2 smaller tables that could be
 used anywhere in home. For this one I used a decorative
chair back between the back legs.

I originally painted it in layers of Annie Sloan Blues and Turquoise.
I started with a stronger blue/turquoise on the first layer,
a mix of #ASprovence#ASpurewhite, and #ASflorence .
The top layer was a lighter color made from #ASprovence mixed with only #ASpurewhite.

When I painted the new part and touching up the whole
 project I did the base coat in the new #ASsvenskaBlue 
and the top layer was again the lighter color made from 
#ASprovence mixed with only #ASpurewhite.
The photo above shows a great example of how different the
paint colors can look when using different colors underneath.

You can always follow along on
 INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.

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