While I was working on this pretty two color dresser I discovered all the drawer stops were missing.
This meant the drawers would push too far inside the body. In place of some of the stops I found
nails bent over, apparently this does the job but I can see trouble brewing leaving these behind.
I removed the nails and I went and found a paint stir stick and started to cut it up into 1" long pieces.
 Each drawer would need 2 stops and this dresser had 5 drawers making that 10 total. I used my Anvil
 Cut tool from Home Hardware (Canadian) it has a sharp knife blade that cuts through thin wood.
A dab of wood glue where the stop needs to go and press it into place. If you have clamps to hold
them while drying that would be best. You can also use some masking tape to hold them in place.
You can find a bit more info in another article I wrote about making drawer stops here:


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