A new year is almost here and it's time to reminisce
about all that has happened in the past 12 months.
I have been teaching ladies in other countries through email ... thanks to Google translator
Phil Robertson got booted from Duck Dynasty only to be reinstated 10 days later
and more importantly
I quit smoking ... but I have taken up eating.
2014 bring on the next chapter
 Thank you to everyone who follows along with my adventures!




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This dresser was named the Spring Fling because of the soft colors used to finish it and it was spring
 time when I was painting it. It was originally a road side find. Many of the drawers were in pieces
 and the top drawer was completely missing. We asked to leave our number in case the missing
 parts could be found. Luckily we did get a call to pick up the missing drawer and what a pretty
 drawer it was. Now the work had to start to get all the drawers put back together and working right.
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence mixed with Pure White for the base of the body.
I used the same color mix on several other pieces to decorate my summer deck space:
All the details in the face of the drawers was original and I just followed the lines while hand
painting the details. I used a white on many of the flat raised areas and green in the grooved lines.
Be brave when hand painting your furniture.
I used small artist brushes and sometimes went out of the lines. It's okay to color outside
of the lines. Confidence is the key to trying things you are uncomfortable with and always try to
use a guide to help you along the way. Maybe it is an already existing design like I have followed, or
you can try using a projectors to trace an image on your furniture.

Check out some other hand painted pieces I have pinned for great tips and ideas:

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That title sounds a little
like an adventure novel
if you ask me and the 
story does have it's ups
and downs.

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I started applying a graphic to an antique tall boy dresser last week.
After many hours of the smell of sharpie markers I have finished.
this project is for an advance DIYer
I found the graphic at OLD DESIGN SHOP:
and I used a box of a dozen sharpie markers to fill in the image.
Transfer methods can be found here
Read through the list of 12 options to find the method that will work best for you and your project.
Here is a look at the dresser before I started.
I ended up printing this image on 8 sheets of landscape paper (side ways), 2 across and 4 down.
You can use http://www.blockposters.com/ to divide your image up, I definitely recommend it.
Here is a close up showing what it looks like after waxing and sanding the image.


ALSO ...
Stop in to see what's new in shabby chic white hardware available at firstfinds.
There are over 1000 pieces of used hardware to choose from


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Ornate white frames can be used for so many different things.

Look at that batch of white frames!

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I've mentioned my storage box spring a few times over the years and every time I do I get asked
more questions about it so I figured it was time to offer my thoughts on owning one.
The short and sweet answer is ...
I love it! Best furniture purchase I have ever made!
Hidden under this unassuming well made bed is all my Christmas storage.
And it's easily accessed by a looped nylon strap at the end of my bed.
Check it out!!!
After I moved the last time I was fed up with my useless box spring. I wanted to get rid of it and
 have some kind of platform bedframe instead. Box springs take up so much space in a small home
 and I wanted to reclaim the space for storage. I learned about these new and amazing storage box
springs and had to have one. When closed they look like any normal box spring and your mattress
sits on top of it.
I have a super heavy Tempurpedic mattress and the lifting shocks hold it up just fine.
For those of you thinking about getting one I hope I have offered some insights.
Use the search words *HYDRAULIC STORAGE BED* when looking.

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I chose a woodland theme to play with this year for Christmas decorating. It stated with the burlap
 ribbon I used on the Christmas tree. I had picked up these stocking hangers at Walmart along with
the crystal snow tree in the middle. My baby pinecones are from Brick & Mortar and the smaller
 shiny trees are a second hand find. They have candles behind them. (battery tea lights) I have also
 used a few sprigs of faux greener along the shelf.
A glitter covered reindeer wreath got perched a top of a black urn. The same black urn I use with a
 topiary ball in some of my furniture pictures. I simply pulled the greenery ball off the stem and sat
 the wreath in front of it.

My stockings were a unique find at Potter's Christmas Store, but they had to be purchased on the 50%
off coupon weekend. I planned to be there right at 9am when they opened and I found out quickly so
 did everyone else. The parking lot was full, the extra parking lots was full, and the road side parking
 was full. I was patient and a spot opened, we got in the store and picked out the stockings, before
 we knew it we were through the cashier and on our way. Thank you Potters for being so organized!
By now you must have noticed the title and the theme of reindeer hanging around our home.
The bed has a deer and even the wrapping paper has tons of them prancing around.

This morning we woke to our first official snow. We had a light dusting earlier this month and it was
 gone by that afternoon. This snow fall should look pretty for the rest of the day but with warmer
temperatures forecast tomorrow it won't be here long. We typically get one nice snow to enjoy the
rest of the time it's rain. This Wednesday the forecast is calling for rain. Enjoy today's photos.



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I find hand painting details very relaxing. I enjoy the quiet time inside my head.
And every now and then I go way over board painting a piece.

This storage bench is painted in a creamy white mix of AS Pure White and Old White. The graphics
 are all hand painted with black acrylic paint and a small artists brush. I`ve taken some photos of the
 steps I took to get the warn look over the letters and hope to share that with you soon.
I used a lot of symbols found on shipping envelops and crates.

If you come across a storage box like this look for the secret button that you push to unlatch the lid.
At first I thought it was locked, nope just push the button.


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