This little red table was a blast to work on and looks great in ASCP's Emperor's Silk.
 We found the table at a quaint country yard sale recently with a few wiggly bits that needed fixing.
As a matter of fact everything I have used to stage these photos with was found at a yard sale.
Did you know George had NEVER been to a yard sale before we met?
Now it is one of our favorite things to do together. We discuss strategies every Friday
night and get up early every Saturday morning to get a jump on treasure hunting.

We are an amazing team in most everything we do, however we do not navigate in a vehicle well. I
could be a race car driver and he's been a courier driver for way too long so, tempers flare easily
 and insults are hurled back and forth but that's about the point when we start to laugh at each other
 and all is forgiven.



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