I have a paint spray gun and a compressor so I spray my glass canning jars. I spray them to get a uniform finish without brush markers. It can go quickly however as with anything there are always draw backs.

When changing colors I have to clean my gun and get a
 new color set up. If I brush painted I could go back and
forth with each color pot and a different brush. When I
 spray I have a dedicated place to do it so everything has to
 move to a drying location. When using a brush I let the item
 dry right where I painted them.

I like putting different jars together for flower vases.
They have so many uses around the house and they are an
 easy an inexpensive way to add color to a room. There are 3
 different blues in this photo and they are all custom mixed
 starting with ASCP Provence. 


These 2 jars are another ASCP custom mixed grey color.
I can use a single jar in the bathroom for toothbrushes, or 
cotton balls. Pens and pencils hid nicely inside the wide 
mouth jars but you can still get them out easily.

I also wax my painted jars. The longer you wait to distress the
 better. Give the paint some curing time, i.e. a day or two,
then wax. George is getting quite good at waxing and had a
 hand in getting these jars finished up.

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