Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Mason Jars - custom mixed colors, sprayed, and waxed
Because I have a spray gun and a compressor I get to spray my glass canning jars
so it can go quickly however as with anything there are always draw backs.

When I want to change colors I have to clean my gun and get a new color set up.
If I were brush painting I could simply go back and forth with each color pot and brush.
When you spray you have a dedicated place to do it so everything has to move to a drying location.
When you use a brush you let the item dry right where you painted it.

I like putting 3 different jars together for flower vases.
You can use a single jar in the bathroom for toothbrushes, or cotton balls.
Pens and pencils hid nicely inside the wide mouth jars but you can still get them out easily.
George is getting quite good at waxing and had a hand in getting these jars ready for
visitors this weekend so we have various brands of these painted mason jars ready for your decor.

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