CUTEST EVER BEDSIDE CABINETS - shabby chic white nightstands

I hope you like this new project as much as I do.

These provincial night stands have been traveling around our house for sometime.
I repaired them when I first purchased them, then they sat around getting moved from place to place.

I remember the day they got painted, but I had not found the doors I wanted to add to the bottom yet. 
So they sat around a bit longer.

burlap panel adhered to insert

Eventually I found the right doors and installed one to make sure they would work and look good.
Now I had to keep track of the other door, screws, and hinges until I felt like installing the other one.
Some more time went by and if I recall right I even painted the one with the door installed again (just the door part) and painted the door that was not installed yet.

As long as we are moving forward each time right? 

At this point I would like to stop and say this is not my typical motis operandi
but I am willing to admit on the rare occasion I am human.

Finally the second door was installed ....
and they sat around for a bit longer moving from room to room as I worked on
"more important projects?"

Well the day has finally come where all the final choices have been made, wax has been applied,
handles and knobs installed and photos taken.

Canadian made vintage handles purchased on Etsy

Are they not just the most cutest eclectic shabby chic nightstand you have ever seen?

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