NO MORE PLAIN PINE CHEST - another applique

I have offered how to use copper wall plaques as appliques, plastic garden fence,
metal mirror frame, and now I'm suggesting you stop walking by those ornate metal napkin holders
you see in the thrift store and try using them on your next project.
Or at least buy them and stash them until you can use them.
When I use metal for appliques I pre drill small holes for finishing nails to secure them to my project.
BEFORE                                             AFTER  
I changed the hardware from a single middle handle on each drawer to two vintage oval pulls.
Everything is painted in a distressed creamy white and finished with a nice silky wax and buffing.
See how the curve of the leg continues at the end of the wood applique and with the circular
handles these are the little touches that change the shape of simple furniture.

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  1. You are so talented! I might have to quit stopping by your blog because it drives me crazy that I am so challenged when using power tools! (j/k!) I really enjoy following your creative genius! Thanks for sharing with us..


  2. Very pretty! I'm getting ready to paint my daughter's mahogany bedroom furniture white, and seeing this just confirmed that I"m doing the right thing. :)